VBAC – Vaginal Birth, After Cesarean

22nd July was another treasured moment in my life. My son was born.

After a traumatic 24hour labour with my daughter, severe water retention, BP through the roof, Holly getting stuck at 7cms and pre eclampsia I was carted off for a section. I was very upset by this as I mentally thought I failed as a women for not being able to labour naturally and give birth.

Well I did it on my second. Albeit the tinker was back to back and didn’t turn, which resulted in an epidural as I was induced, he needed some help due to being back to back so my poor little man had the vontous and I was cut to get him out. He has bruised his poor little head. I did it though, I pushed my little man for an hour 45 before he was born. What an experience. I’m so proud of myself. He weighed a dinky 7lb 1oz compared to my daughter who weighed 9lb 13oz lol πŸ˜‚ both perfect babies though.

Justin was amazing. I’m so proud to call him my partner. Kept me focused on getting our little man out and gave plenty of encouragement. He said he would never look down that end but curiosity took over and won lol

My little family is now complete. I love you Justin, Holly and Logan xxxx

Dumb Pup 🐢

So yesterday we decided to walk along the canals in Cwmbran to find some ducks to use up some seed we had been given by my mother.

Lovely evening for a walk and we thought wear our toddler and the dog out and maybe get the baby moving in the right direction lol. The dog had other ideas.

Walk went lovely, took some photos, fed some ducks and ran the dog. Then it went pear shaped, on the way back to the car, we had the dog off the lead for the last stretch as no more dogs were near by and he was looking for a drink, which we normally let him have a sip at the end where there is running water, rather than stagnant, rubbish filled water. Oh no, herc had other ideas. Dumb mutt jumped in off a ledge into all the green gunk for a drink and cool off, but as his head went under as it was deeper than he thought he was covered in green gunk and panicked, me being 39 weeks pregnant couldn’t move quick enough. Panic grabbed Holly off Justin and was calling the dog to the side but it was covered in brambles, managed to get an opening so he didn’t get stuck and Justin pulled him out. It could have been a lot worse. He could have got stuck. Luckily he was ok, just worried and soaking wet, covered in green gunk. Β He was awful sheepish and had a telling off.

Never again am I letting him off by the canal. Hopefully lesson learnt. Dumb pup. Back to the car, covered him in a bed sheet so he didn’t soak my boot and home for a wash as he stunk. Typical we had run out of doggy shampoo so a bar of soap to wash him instead lol. So thank you Imperial Leather for being a helping hand.

Hopefully I’m not alone on this one and other dog walkers have experienced some things similar.

Happy Reading xxx

Reality kicking in, baby no2 due in two weeks time

Starting to seem real now that I’m going to be 30 with two children under the age of 2 in two weeks time 😲

We have put the cot, moses basket and swing back together, filled the wardrobe and draws with his clothes, have sorted all the nappies. Don’t remember putting those small nappies on Holly now lol πŸ˜‚ seems so long ago, plus she wasn’t in them for long, my little chunk. I’ve picked up formula in case breastfeeding fails for me again, got the car seat ready in the car, hospital bags packed for me and the baby. I’ve rolled up his clothes and popped them into little bags this time and labelled them for Justin in case he has to dress bubs again on his own, as last time I was still in theatre and he was in awe with Holly he got flustered what to put on her lol.

Everything is becoming real. The only irritating thing is people asking, any twinges/niggles yet. Lol. No, for the billionth time. I know I’m having Braxton hicks this time and as I’m sat here writting this I’m having some right niggles and tightening pains going on lol, but I went over on Holly so can’t see me going early this time.

Im excited and nervous all over again, but so anxious to find out if I can do it this time and labour the baby rather than a section. I have a section booked as a back up in case. I’m mentally prepared for it this time, where as I felt a failure having a section with Holly after being in labour for 24 hours and only getting to 7cms. Took me a while to get over but I got there.

Women are amazing ❀️

❀️ Daddy, daughter time β€οΈ

These moments I cherish. Watching Holly and my partner together melts me.

Holly is a daddy’s girl for sure. As soon as she sees Justin, I don’t get a look in, lol. He arrives home from work and I have one excited girlie. Runs straight to him and jumps at him, doesn’t give him chance to pop his shoes off or put his bag down. It’s comical to see and she always has a big smile for daddy and a big kiss. Then the fun begins. She is his shadow pretty much until bed time πŸ˜‚ play fighting, wanting his attention, showing him her toys and repeating words he says. Holly is at the copying stage and never fails to impress us both.

When she is in bed and knows Justin is here she opens her door and calls ‘Dad’ a few times sometimes and he goes to check and sometimes she just wants a cwtch off him. It’s melts my heart. Hearing her laughing at him and calling dada makes me so proud of the little girl we have brought into this world. Our little princess πŸ‘Έ Holly is such a character and very loving. Always has big smiles for us and a cwtch and kiss.

We are due our second baby in two weeks time, our little Prince 🀴, I’m secretly hoping he is a mammy boy πŸ˜‚

Heartburn 😠

Heartburn is a killer 😀 keeps me awake sometimes and is so uncomfortable.

I have had heartburn now through both of my pregnancies. Holly came out with hair but it was very fine and eventually thinned out and looking back at photos she was almost bald lol, so that old wives tale was false for me. Lol. My son best come out with a mop of hair or I will cry πŸ˜‚

Both times I’ve managed not to take gaviscon, luckily yoghurt, tip tops, ice cubes, ice lollies and ice Β cream has helped it pass.

Waking me up in the night mind is annoying, I grab a drink of water which helps a bit to settle it so at least I can go back to sleep then. A few times I’ve had to prop myself up to get back to sleep so the acid doesn’t build back up. With Holly I had it worse, a few times I’d go downstairs and help myself to a midnight snack on a spoonful of ice cream to help me out. The things us women do.

Two weeks left of my second pregnancy and counting. Heartburn I’m done.

What old wives tales were true for you? Comment below. Happy reading xxx

Minehead Butlins, toddler weekend

Our first family get away. Minehead Butlins. Both myself and Justin had been there as children and adults and wanted an experience with our girlie before her baby brother makes an appearance.

Went to the toddler weekend where Justin Fletcher was there to do his show. We had booked for the weekend, Friday to Monday.

We arrived early and stopped off at the McDonald’s down the road for an early lunch as our daughter had just woken up and was hungry. While there I was hunting for a pram shop near by as we had both walked past Hollys buggy and not picked it up. Luckily there was a baby shop called “Coo Chi Coo” the owner was lovely and had a small range of buggies, but as we didn’t really want to spend a lot the cheapest there was Β£24.99 a Red Kite buggy but it didn’t recline or have the extras. We made do. Luckily Holly enjoys walking so it was only for nap times where we leant the pram back against us when she fell asleep. The women was very helpful. Turns out we were not the only ones that weekend who had forgotten there prams. We spotted 5 in total πŸ˜‚

All checked in and found our apartment. Justin paid extra to have a lakeside apartment which neither of us had ever stayed in as they were new. It was lovely. Had all the ammunities if you intended on self catering. The rooms were tidy size. We did take a travel cot but we didn’t use it and used the children’s bed for Holly who seemed to adapt to the big bed, which was ideal. Bathroom was a reasonable size and kept clean for us. We only picked up some bits as we had opted to pay for the restaurant deal of breakfast and tea meals. There was always a lovely variety of food options and a section for the children meals, but they also had a choice of the adult meals of they wanted. Fresh food was also cooked at the various stations. Salad bar and desserts were also buffet option. Choice of hot or cold drinks also. I’d recommend this option to families and there is also a choice of pouches of food for babies.

We had a wander around the resort and they had popped up a soft play area and slides and small rides for under 2’s which was fab but busy.

Saturday was show day 😁 the show it’s self was brilliant and Holly enjoyed the songs and watching the dancing. Only downfall was entertaining a toddler whilst everyone was being seated, which took 45 minutes in total. Luckily we took our tablet for Holly to watch paw patrol to keep her occupied and not get adjitated waiting around.

Sunday was the day for exploring. We went swimming, which Holly loved and wore her out. She loved going around and around the rapids/lazy river. Wore her out for a nap after. Daddy enjoyed a pint and ice cream, while mummy enjoyed an ice cream. They had put out a little trikes section, which I thought was fab and that was very popular. We rented a big bike, where me and Justin peddled and holly sat at the front ringing the bell. Was a nice half hour around the site.

They had a range of shows going throughout the day, teletubbies, Mr men and a few others. There was a puppet show throughout the day at certain times. Plenty for Holly to do on the day but come 7pm it all stopped for us. We vacated to the room to shower and wind down.

All in all a lovely weekend and plenty for Holly to do but from 7pm onwards it died down. Which is understandable due to most of the childrens ages. Suited us as we were shattered from chasing Holly around so we would relax in the room when Holly went to bed.

Can’t wait to go back πŸ˜€ but as a family of 4 xxx

Greenmeadow Community Farm, Cwmbran

We visited the farm on father’s day. Father’s and under two’s went in for free, so was just mummy’s to pay πŸ˜‚

Holly typically had a long nap when we wanted to do something but it was a very warm day and we had a lovely few hours there.

We missed petting the small animals but she still got excited over looking at them and saw the tortoise strolling around the farm. Holly was a bit nervous of touching the tortoise but had a go then ran off πŸ˜‚

Next we ventured down to the tractor ride. While we were waiting Holly fed the donkeys and chickens. The tractor ride is lovely. Get taken behind the scenes and get some information on the animals and the home grown produce they sell in the shop and use in the cafe. Holly is learning animal noises and what they are so she was shouting out “sheep, baa baa” Holly loved the ride.

Next, had a wander around the goats, cows and pigs. Had a look at the piglets, which Holly got very excited about. Holly then got to wash a mamma pig. Held the hose and rubbed the pig with the sponge. Was lovely and I had a mummy moment of joy watching her and daddy together 😁 those moments are so precious.

Holly loves getting up close to the animals and we went to feed the chicks and captured some lovely memories.

There is also a park, sandpit area and tractors to sit and ride on. Plenty of wash stations to wash up after touching the animals. The cafe has plenty to offer. We picked up some drinks and snacks. The menu is reasonably priced and has a good range of meals.

We had to vacate and walk home due to the weather being so hot, Holly was getting hot and bothered so we headed home.

We had a lovely few hours there and saw what we could due to the heat, animals were kept very well in the heat and looked after properly. I highly recommend the farm.